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Werde die bestmögliche Version von Dir selbst

How to clean your mind for meditation and reducing stress

Meditation has multiple psychological, physiological and spiritual benefits, but to be a master you need to devote your full attention to achieving a calm mental state.


Headache after nap: can it be avoided?

Waking up after a brief sleep with a severe headache is common but totally unhealthy. We tell you why it happens and how to remedy it.


Falling asleep at work: 5 tips to stay awake

Some useful tips to avoid that embarrassing situation and keep your caffeine levels at a healthy level.


We have so much in common

Life is made of a million moments, and at some point everyone has needed one of comfort, sleep, support and inner connection.


Best nap time music: relax and enjoy!

If soundtracks make great moments even better, why not also dreams?