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6 ways to reduce stress and tension throughout your body

Reducing stress not only helps you think clearly, but is a necessary step to long-term physical and mental health.

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The ultimate guide on how to fall asleep faster

From a comfortable room to certain meals, there are a variety of methods to make falling asleep as fast as simply lying in bed.

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Meet Candle: a reminder to actively create a habit

Light, scent, and a customizable jar so you can stick to your Self-Care routines easily.

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Best meditation retreats around the world: disconnect and be amazed

A meditation retreat is a great way to deepen your spiritual meditation practice, and there are amazing options to be found all over the globe!

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Mindfulness and Meditation: what's the difference and when to use each

They may sound similar, but they are actually two different - and related - ways of achieving calm and peace for your body and mind.

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