Manual Instructions

OSTRICHPILLOW® is a cozy pillow which has totally revolutionized napping on the go. A lot of love and attention is given every step of the way to produce the perfect napping companion. Our team of designers have tested and re-tested every tiny detail to ensure a top notch napping product is delivered.

The OSTRICHPILLOW® ORIGINAL has an opening on the front side allowing you to breathe through your nose and mouth easily. It is designed to fit a maximum head perimeter of 70 cm (27.6 in). OSTRICHPILLOW® JUNIOR is smaller and fits a maximum head perimeter of 59 cm. It can be used by children over 6 years old. However adult supervision is advisable at all times. The OSTRICHPILLOW® LIGHT is adjustable and only covers the eyes and ears so you are obviously able to breathe at ease. OSTRICHPILLOW® MINI is only supposed to cover elbows, arms or hands. The latter two models fit everyone.

The OSTRICHPILLOW® is filled with polystyrene microbeads for maximum comfort and lightness. Fabric cover is 95% viscose to guarantee the softest touch.

OSTRICHPILLOW® is a creation brought to you by Banana Things.

OSTRICHPILLOW® 2 year warranty


Napping is known to increase productivity by 34%. Many of history’s highest achievers have long-proclaimed the benefits of taking a brief time-out from the stresses of the day. In a nutshell, it is good for you. And you should take up napping, regardless of what your boss may say. OSTRICHPILLOW® is a revolutionary power-napping device. Catching some comfortable rest on the go has never been easier.