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Umarmbarer, beruhigender Begleiter

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Heatbag is much more than a heating bag. Warm it up and it will become the perfect companion while lounging on the couch or while sleeping tight with warm feet. Freeze it and it will become a safe pain relief.

Superweiches beruhigendes Gefühl

Mit einem Bezug aus recyceltem Memory-Schaumstoff, der mit einem weichen Jersey-Gewebe gefüttert ist, erzeugt die Umarmung von Heatbag ein unmittelbares Glücksgefühl und hilft, Stress abzubauen.

Intelligente Wärme-Erfahrung

Its unique composition of eight layers and two differentiated sides ensures that the heat is released slowly and focused on the desired spot, preventing you from getting burnt by cold or heat.

Einfach zu verwenden

Hot & cold therapy has never been easier to do. To heat simply place the clay bag in the microwave and heat it at 1000W for 55 seconds. For cold effect, leave the clay bag in the freezer for at least 1 hour

Product Specs

34,8 x 19,1 x 7,3 (cm)
L3,7 x 7,5 x 2,9 (Zoll)

Natürlicher Ton, Glyzerin, Wasser
Recycelter Schaumstoff, Baumwolle und Elastan, Nylon

FDA- und CE-Zertifizierung (Sie den Lehmbeutel)


Komfort für Körper und Geist.

Reduce stress and relieve muscle and joint pain to create a sense of wellbeing that contributes to better long-term health.

Your perfect companion. Always ready.

Whether you're sleeping, relaxing or working at home, Heatbag will always be there to give you a cozy, warm feeling of security.


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