Empowering Rest

In a society where we are always on, it’s easy to forget to take time off.

Ostrichpillow is on a mission to rectify that. We’re here to help you restore balance through Rest—so you can be your happiest, healthiest self and reach your highest potential.

Our vision

A world in which Rest is second nature.

Getting good sleep and making space in the day to recharge is just as important to wellbeing as eating well and exercising. It’s time to start prioritizing these moments of Rest so that they become as habitual as brushing your teeth.

Restoration, mindfully designed

Resting shouldn’t require any effort.

Which is why our solutions are minimal and easy to use. Ostrichpillow products are sleek and timeless, with an emphasis on design and functionality. Use them anywhere, anytime.

Who are we?

We are people of the Rest Revolution.

A dynamic team from all walks of life, united by a passion for design and a commitment to putting people first. Since 2012, we’ve aspired to empower Rest, researching and innovating ways to make peace of mind accessible to all.

Our values

Our Process

At Ostrichpillow, we don't just come up with great ideas and call it a day. Being hands-on every step of the way allows us to innovate details that make a difference. We never stop asking questions and paying close attention because that is what fuels our creativity.

“We spend an average of 1200 hours developing our products.”

We believe in evolutionary design



We couldn’t do this alone.

Our collaborative process is the beating heart of our business. It’s thanks to customers like you

and dynamic teamwork that the Ostrichpillow products you know and love exist today.

You power us,
We empower Rest.