8 travel things to bring to your next trip you shouldn’t forget

Some essential items (besides your passport and wallet) that are easy to forget but that will make your travels significantly better. Make some room in your suitcase.

Traveling is exciting, packing is boring, and trying to remember all travel things to bring with you is almost a nightmare. Let's face it, we all pack at the last minute, and if we're not used to having a checklist with everything written down, chances are we'll end up forgetting something. No, we're not going to include the passport or the plane tickets – forgetting that means you can't travel, basically – but those other little things that we take for granted in our daily lives and that can ruin our trip if we don't have them with us.

Things to bring when travelling abroad

Phone chargers (plus adapters)

We all have several at home, usually plugged into a wall socket, and we only use them when we need them. Charging your mobile is such an automatic act that it's easy to think you don't need anything to do it. But you do. And buying it in an airport is expensive as hell. Extra problem: not all countries have the same plugs, so you'll need an adapter depending on where you go. If you have a spare charger, a good idea is to keep it in your suitcase at all times.

Swimming suit

Okay, if you go to the beach and forget this, you definitely have a problem. But if you don't go, you might as well take it with you. You never know when the hotel is going to have an indoor pool or if you're going to end up in some spa or sauna. The options are endless, and a swimsuit doesn't take up as much space. Also, try to buy one in the middle of winter. It's not that easy, trust us.

First aid kit

Accidents happen, and there is not always a pharmacy nearby to solve that little crisis. Before you travel, prepare a small kit with the basics: bandages, cotton, a couple of gauzes and some type of antiseptic will serve to heal a small wound. Also take some tablets for headaches and colds, the most common health issues of the traveler.


The weather is unpredictable, especially these days, so even if your weather app says it's going to be sunny throughout your vacation, you never know. A compact umbrella isn't too heavy and can keep you from getting soaked and running to the nearest shop for an emergency one. Don't like umbrellas? Then trade it in for a rain jacket and boots. They're more stylish, but they also take up more space.

8 travel things to bring


Spare glasses

If you need glasses – if you really need them – you know that there is nothing more scary than breaking them or losing them. Imagine if that happens abroad. Extra glasses are the easiest and most practical solution. You won't regret adding one more thing to your luggage.

Laundry bag

How many times have your clothes been ruined because you had to pack your dirty laundry with the rest of it? To keep it separate – and tidy, which is also important – always carry a laundry bag. A simple grocery bag will do, but you can get fancy and buy some special ones. Extra bonus: many hotels have large bags to use in their own laundry, so if you still forget to bring one even after reading this, you can use those.

Reusable water bottle

There's no need to buy a plastic bottle everywhere you go. Besides, in most places the tap water is good, and there are always places like cafes or restaurants that will be happy to refill it for you. It is also very practical for the plane, so you don't have to wait for the flight attendant every time you are thirsty.

Travel pillow

If your trip is long, there's no better way to rest than with one of these. You can use it on the plane, on the train, in the car and in any transport you use, but also in the hotel as an extra pillow. It's like carrying a piece of your home with you, a much needed extra comfort when you're abroad. At OSTRICHPILLOW we designed several products aimed at having that comfort, all of them travel-friendly.

What did you think of our list of travel things to bring? Do you miss anything? We know packing is boring, but if you have a checklist like this, it'll be easier and faster.

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