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Go Neck Pillow

Go Neck Pillow

First class comfort for every journey

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With its sleek, ergonomic design and BASF® memory foam viscoelastic core, this adjustable neck pillow offers maximum comfort and support.

| Midnight Grey

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Total travel neck support

Go is a BASF® memory foam travel pillow that offers comprehensive neck support, contouring to the spine's natural curve.

Its multi-layered structure ensures optimal lateral and chin support, preventing involuntary head movements, like nodding and bobbing, that lead to neck pain.

Ergonomic 360º comfort

Engineered to accommodate a range of neck sizes and resting positions, Go's ergonomic design promotes healthy, neutral spinal alignment. It’s a wraparound neck pillow that prioritizes both comfort and functionality to ensure a restful journey.

The super-soft and breathable fabric enhances comfort by preventing overheating during extended use, ensuring a relaxing and cool experience.

Perfect fit & Sleek design

Featuring an adjustable Velcro® brand closure, Go it's your airplane pillow ensures a customized fit for each user. This attention to individual comfort elevates support, contributing to an overall personalized experience.

Go is a minimalist travel essential with a distinctive design. Organic curves cradle the head and provide luxurious comfort, resulting in a timeless neck cushion that keeps you looking and feeling your best all along your journey.


Effortlessly compact, roll and compress Go to reduce its volume by up to 60%, allowing you to carry it easily in the included bag.

The pillow cover is easily removable and machine-washable, ensuring cleanliness and hygiene for repeated use.

Go Neck Pillow Specs


BASF® Memory foam core


OEKO-TEX® 95 % Viscose – 5% Elastomer


12oz · 350g


9,8 x 6,7 x 2,7 (inches)

25 x 17 x 7 (cm)


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