Easy meditation exercises to do at home and let your mind rest

Reconnect with your inner self and forget about the problems in the outside world with this set of practices that you can start trying right now. And just relax.

Although it is usually related to breathing, the truth is that there are many meditation exercises that aim to clarify the mind and help us release the stress and anxiety that we accumulate in our daily lives. The common point of all these meditation exercises is simple: to focus on the present, on what is happening in that precise moment, and to discard everything that happens around. Meditation is useful to help us connect with ourselves, understand ourselves, and grasp our own potentialities. It also allows us to observe reality in a more objective way, as well as the values and objectives that govern us. If you want to practice in your own home, you can start by trying these simple techniques:

Meditation ideas

Breathing meditation

It's all about focusing your attention on your breathing for one minute, and you can do it anywhere, anytime. With your eyes open, breathe in through your nose and breathe out through your mouth. It is interesting that you focus on listening to the rhythm and sound of the breath. If your mind gets carried away, refocus your attention on the breath. With time you will be able to concentrate on your breathing and avoid the rest of your thoughts, so you will get feelings of calm, tranquility, and peacefulness.


While this technique may seem very simple, it is very useful for improving concentration. With your eyes closed and in a relaxed position, slowly count down from high numbers to zero. The idea is to focus your mind on a specific element so that the rest of the stimuli fade away.

Meditation exercises


Fire meditation

The fire has been used as a symbolic element and as a focal point in different meditation techniques. One of the techniques is based on focusing attention on a flame candle, in a comfortable position while controlling the breath and feeling the heat and luminosity it brings.

Observation meditation

This exercise consists of observing what surrounds you carefully. After a moment of breathing with your eyes closed, open them, and focus your attention on what’s around you, no matter what it is. Close your eyes again and become aware of what you have just observed. Once this is done, proceed to open your eyes again and make a second more detailed pass of what surrounds you. Again, we close our eyes and make a new list of the elements observed. Compare both and you will notice that the mind is focused and freed from other thoughts. You can practice this technique with your eyes and ears, conscious listening is also very effective.

Spiritual dimension

Spiritual wellness is to have a set of guiding beliefs, principles, and values that help give meaning, purpose, and direction to our lives. It is our ability to establish peace and harmony in our lives and to be fulfilled by what we do by aligning our values with our actions. Spiritual wellness is closely related to emotional wellness, as they are directly affected.

Body scan

Find a comfortable position for your body, like sitting on the floor with your back straight. With your mind blank. In this state, move your mind through the different muscle groups, paying attention to the sensations that come from them. It is a matter of concentrating on what our own body is telling us, while we connect better with it and observe ourselves by accepting the information that comes from it without judging it.

If you think that any of these exercises can be useful for you, remember that to be effective you must practice them in a quiet place, preferably dark and silent. If your environment does not allow you to disconnect properly, try using the OSTRICHPILLOW Loop, a comfortable eye mask that gives a feeling of total blackout and creates the right atmosphere for the meditation exercises. And simply relax.

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