Feel-good ways to empower the dreamer in you

Amazing dreams happen anywhere. Born or made, the dreamer kind keeps growing and growing. Here's why.

Dreamer. A person who dreams often. A person given to daydreaming. A person who lives in a world of illusion and wonder, planning for things –half unbelievable, half incredible– to happen. An idealist, an optimist, a visionary. What a great lifestyle choice, right? With the power to design and live by your own values, going easy with the flow, free as a bird. A truly independent spirit, sticking to your beliefs without the need to impose your views on others. A nice way to live according to an ever changing ‘free verse’ philosophy and seize the moment in this crazy world of ours.

It is pretty rad, actually. Being a dreamer.

Actually, it’s a bit hard to tell. Hard like... impossible. We might be passionate visionaries but not fortune-tellers. Anyway, there must be something in this widespread feel-good philosophy that makes the dreamer type so appealing. Because our circle keeps growing and growing. Maybe it’s all about the way we do our thing. Or, better still, the way we make our thing happen. Because when we have an idea –no matter how impossible it might seem– we don’t usually take ‘no’ for an answer.

What about you? Are you an idealist-utopian-visionary-optimist-unstoppable dreamer? Let’s see. If you have already go through at least half of the following situations in your life you most certainly are. If not, the best is yet to come: you are right on the way of becoming one of the lucky ones! Dreamers are –and will always be– welcome.

#5 Whistling or singing to yourself a feel-good tune immediately puts you in the right mood.

That catchy melody –‘Always look on the bright side of life’– must be installed somewhere in the center of your brain. What is it about this cheery hum that makes you see everything from a much better place we don’t really know. It might remain a mystery… Like the meaning of life. Thanks to the Monty Python troupe and their infinite wisdom. In the meantime, if we cry, it will be with laughter!

#4 Travel is your second name, the world is your oyster.

The more places you cross from your list, the more that keep showing up. And you love it. You are your own home, a wondrous construction made of all the odd things you hold dear. And they are quite a few, believe me. Sometimes you feel as if you were a sort of patchwork granny-style quilt, made entirely from an heterogeneous bunch of stimuli. What you saw, what you heard, what you lived, what you felt. You carry it all with you on your back, so that in the end the whole world becomes that cozy place you call home.

#3 You probably invented the #nofilter hashtag.

You love a good old photo, speak in Boomerangs, breathe GIFs. Even if that means making funny faces or appearing in a mess with your old as time pajamas. Or with your wildest partner in crime in the midst of a monsoon somewhere near the end of the world. Let’s face it. We all get hooked pretty easily on Instagram dipping into dreamer feeds. It must be because of our shared attention to details, the dreamy scenarios, the impossible angles. Or because for us those pictures are and will always be timeless. Anyhow, it’s clear that the unintended difference triumphs and that being yourself without any filters always works!

#2 It’s all in the details.

But of course! Tiny, little details are the most marvelous things in life! And the most surprising too! And you know it. You have a good eye. That’s why your friends keep telling you that when you are around the world looks much bigger than usual. Anyhow, you can spend hours and hours gazing through the window, your mind flying at 35,000 feet, somewhere in the clouds.

#1 Don’t worry… Be happy. Really.

Life is too short to spend it worrying. If in doubt, you can always come back to the untroubled Chinese proverb and move forward with a smile: “If there’s no solution, why worry? And if there is, why worry?”. So… Don’t worry :)

Like what you read? Keep on dreaming!

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