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A self described “ball of energy,” Wil Dasovich’s enthusiasm is infectious.

The Californian began his vlogging career after a post-grad trip took him to the Philippines and he decided to stay, curious to learn Tagalog and connect with the local culture. In the three years since, the Filipino-American YouTuber has amassed over two million subscribers, chronicling his personal highs and lows while humorously bridging two cultures and offering viewers a front row seat to his travels across Asia.

A true believer in the power and pursuit of dreams, his daily vlogs aren’t just travel inspo - if there’s one thing he hopes his videos accomplish it’s to “encourage everyone to go out, explore, and make the most out of every situation they come across.”

What are you dreaming up right now?

I am dreaming of buying a nice big house. 

What kind of dreamer are you? Do you like to plan things out or just see where life takes you? Have the past few years changed that?

I am someone who will work as hard as possible and do whatever it takes to make my dreams come true. I try to plan as many things out as I can but ultimately I believe it comes down to passion and grit. That's what I have been doing in the past few years to make things happen.

Do you think your travels have changed how you see the world? Have you learned something along the way?
I continue to travel because it's the best way for me to learn and it opens up my perspective on different cultures and ways of life. Because I’ve been able to meet so many different types of people with different customs, I can now better appreciate many aspects of life I once did not understand. Overall, traveling leads you to becoming both a more open minded person and understanding individual. 

It’s a pretty long flight between the US and the Philippines - do you have any tips or must-haves for surviving long trips? 
Traveling is super tiring and with a hectic and busy lifestyle, I am always looking for moments where I can sneak in some sleep. Having said that, the most important thing which I absolutely need on airplanes is a comfortable neck pillow - one that lets me sleep in any type of position. That's honestly why the OSTRICHPILLOW GO is an essential part of my travel lifestyle. Without it I would lose many hours of sleep. 
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Your channel spreads a lot of positivity and we really love how you encourage people to embrace life and try to do the things they love, even if it scares them. Is there an example from your own life of something you jumped into even though it scared you? 
I always kind of realized that the one thing holding me back in life (and which holds back most people, for that matter) is fear. The fear of failing, but more than anything the fear of judgement. The only way to reach your maximum potential in life is to power on without letting fear hold you back from trying to succeed. Everyday I try to challenge myself, step out of my comfort zone, and do the things that scare me because ultimately, that’s the easiest way to build confidence. I have a fear of heights which has gradually subsided throughout the years because I continue to confront experiences which involve high areas. A few weeks ago I jumped off of a 45 foot cliff into a waterfall. By doing this I was able to transform my emotions from anxiety to excitement. There is nothing more empowering than releasing your fears and anxieties and turning them into a positive experience. 

How do you think positivity can shape the world?
After traveling to Southeast Asia a few years ago, I still find myself spending most of the year in one particular country and that's the Philippines. What initially drew me to spending more and more time in this country is the hospitality and positive attitude of the people. Although the country is still developing and gets hit by natural disasters on a frequent basis, the people are always smiling and that is their most powerful weapon. Resilience through positivity. :)
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