Yoga nidra to sleep at night and fight insomnia

Ever heard of this absolutely amazing and helpful yoga practice called Yoga nidra? We tell you everything you need to know about it.

Yoga nidra for sleep

A problem we all face at some points in our lives is trouble sleeping. For some of us- the ones with chronic insomnia, this problem occurs more often than not. A well-known fact: life is stressful. All that anxiety, depression and stress does not help us sleep at bedtime. And less sleep just makes them worse. Even if you don’t have insomnia, going to sleep some of these days sounds like a huge chore.

That’s where Yoga nidra comes in. Commonly known as the ‘Yogic sleep’, this is a form of meditation here to save the day, or rather- the night. Yoga nidra is a state between sleeping and waking, similar to the ‘going to sleep’ state. It is a closely guided practice with some similarities to meditation. In the Yogic sleep, our bodies are completely relaxed and we are instructed to turn our awareness inward.

From there, we are guided into a state of conscious deep sleep. You are in a kind of deep sleep- but your mind is completely awake and aware. This is intended to prompt you into complete mental, emotional and physical relaxation.

Although Yogic sleep can’t replace sleep itself, it is believed that about forty-five minutes of yoga nidra feels like three hours of regular sleep- energizing us to go through the day.

Yoga nidra to fight insomnia

So how does it help us sleep at night? Every time you practice ‘Yoga nidra’, you still the waves of your mind through conscious entry- into the sleep state.

Studies prove that constantly practicing Yoga nidra for about three to four weeks has helped numerous people fight insomnia. With Yoga nidra, you fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer.

Who could say no to night's deep sleep, leaving you energized and improving your overall mood?

Yoga nidra for sleep

Yoga nidra for sleep benefits

While doing Yoga nidra, your mind can reach the third and fourth brain wave state, known as delta and theta. Delta is the state bodies under comma are in. The delta brain wave state is where the mind and body recharge, heal and energize- which is important if we want to go through the problems of everyday life. But due to depression, stress and anxiety, not many people reach deep sleep; the brain wave states of delta and theta- thus their brain overloads, which can be a cause of having sleeping problems or insomnia.

Doing Yoga nidra will not only help you reach these states during the process but also when you sleep.

Being well-rested and feeling fresh in the morning makes a huge difference in our lives, nudging us towards a positive and kind attitude.

Yoga nidra: health benefits

The benefits of Yoga nidra are not only limited to sleep, but it also improves your mental and physical health. Studies show that practicing this form of meditation improves anxiety, stress, physiological and menstrual problems. It also helps decrease pain and improves the symptoms of diseases like cholesterol, diabetes and high blood pressure.

As Yoga nidra practices move our minds and bodies to a more relaxed state- helping improve self-awareness, it can also be crucial in improving trauma and anger issues.

Yoga nidra is a form of meditation, so the vast amounts of studies stating the benefits of meditation also apply to it.

When something has as many benefits as this practice does, you don’t just ignore it. Nowadays, relaxation is in high demand and depression is growing more than ever. But to actually perform Yoga nidra, you have to lie down and get as comfortable as possible.

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