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A reminder to actively create a habit

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Create your own rituals

Spark the flame and use the light and scent as a reminder of your own rituals. Reading, meditating, or simply pausing… write whatever you choose on the sticker and the candle will become a totem to help you visualize your goal.

Natural and Eco-friendly

Its 100% vegetable wax made from soybeans, its cotton wick and its lavender fragrance based on phthalate-free essential oils make Candle a non-toxic and vegan product.


Each Candle comes with a set of stickers so you can write your own habit and change it for a new one whenever you want, making it a unique object designed especially for you.


The ceramic jar has a minimalist and clear white design so that, once the wax is finished, you can continue to use it as a reminder by filling it with your own DIY candle, small plants or anything else that can help you stick to your habit.

Product Specs

Natural Lavender

45 hours

440g / 0.97lb

8.7 x  8.7 x 7.7 (cm)
3.4 x  3.4 x  3.0 (in)

Vegan soy wax, Cotton wick, Ceramic reusable clay jar


Achieve your goals. Step by step.

No matter what habit you want to integrate into your day-to-day schedule, Candle helps you build and maintain it to make your life more comfortable.

Create the perfect atmosphere for you.

A simple flame and a pleasant scent of lavender are all you need to set the right frame of mind and focus on what is important to you.

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