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The Homebody Bundle

The Homebody Bundle

Heated Neck Wrap + Heatbag

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Melt away tension and discomfort with this warming pair, perfect for pampering and pain relief alike.

| Ocean Blue

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Year-round comfort

Seek relief from internal and external discomforts with this duo. Use them in the summer to cool down or in the winter to warm up. They also make a blissful balm when aches and pains kick in.

Versatile warm and cold comfort

This pair is your go-to source of warmth and comfort, whether you're snuggled up on the sofa or bundled up in bed. But they’re not just for warmth—freeze them, and they transform to deliver soothing pain relief.

Cuddly, huggable softness

Heatbag’s recycled memory foam cover and cozy jersey fabric team up to give you that warm, comforting hug you've been craving. Let it melt away your stress and bring on the smiles.

Natural reprieve from Mother Earth

Heated Neck Wrap is filled with natural clay beads that gather moisture from the air for long-lasting temperature control and light, comforting pressure. Heatbag features hybrid liquid clay which also maintains temperatures for a long time.

Radiant warmth for stressed-out necks and sore shoulders

Take a break from your workday and ease into a meditation moment with calming pressure and relaxing gentle heat.

Comfort for body and mind.

Reduce stress and relieve muscle and joint pain to create a sense of wellbeing that contributes to better long-term health.