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The Comfort Zone Duo

The Comfort Zone Duo

Heated neck wrap + Heated neck wrap

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Enter a cocoon of comfort and let go of the stress of the day with a warming Self-Care companion that puts the mind and muscles at ease.

| Ocean Blue

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Pain and tension relief

Heated Neck Wrap provides gentle pressure and calming warmth to ease stressed shoulders and nurture your neck. Take a time-out from your day for a break you can enjoy anywhere.

Reversible, cozy comfort

A smooth reversible fabric cover retains warmth and protects skin for a relaxing, restful experience


All-natural clay beads gather moisture from the air and radiate heat for long-lasting warmth and light pressure-point stimulation. It’s your go-to neck and shoulder heat wrap for calming comfort you can use again and again.

Easy and safe to use

Use the protective included bag to heat in the microwave for wearable warmth, or freeze for a soothing, cool sensation.

Radiant warmth for stressed-out necks and sore shoulders

Too much screen time can lead to poor posture and muscle tension. Take a break from your workday and ease into a meditation moment with calming pressure and relaxing gentle heat.

Simple, everyday Self-Care

Nurture your body with pleasant warmth and comfort with your new favorite heated neck wrap — for calming relief anywhere, anytime.

Product Specs


Natural clay beads


71% polyester, 27% cotton, 2% spandex


FDA, CE registered company


55 x 12 x 4.5 (cm)
21.6 x 4.7 x 1.8 (inch)