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The Wind Down Bundle

The Wind Down Bundle

Heated Neck Wrap + Hot & Cold Eye Mask

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Pamper yourself with this self-care pair. Use either product warm or cold for a gentle reprieve from the day's discomforts.

| Ocean Blue

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Treat yourself to some "Me Time"

Together these products make for a moment of ultimate comfort. Allow yourself the luxury of indulging in their soothing embrace, which gracefully envelops both your shoulders and face.

Year-round comfort

Seek relief from internal and external discomforts with this duo. Use them in the summer to cool down or in the winter to warm up. They also make a blissful balm when aches and pains kick in.

Hot & cold therapy

Use it hot or cold to alleviate a variety of ailments:

Cold use:
- Eyestrain
- Red eyes
- Eye irritation
- Swollen, puffy eyes

Hot use:
- Dry eyes
- Migraines
- Tense facial muscles
- Swollen eyelids

Natural reprieve from Mother Earth

Both products are filled with natural clay beads that gather moisture from the air and radiate heat for long-lasting temperature control and light, comforting pressure.

Radiant warmth for stressed-out necks and sore shoulders

Too much screen time can lead to poor posture and muscle tension. Take a break from your workday and ease into a meditation moment with calming pressure and relaxing gentle heat.

Eye care means body care.

When your eyes feel tired, it's a sign that your whole body needs a rest. Refresh and replenish them to start feeling a soothing sensation that spreads all over your face and relaxes your whole body.