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How to make money traveling around the world

Turning one of our greatest passions into a way of earning a living is possible, but it requires sacrifice. Do you dare to take the step?

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Best places to nap – beyond your sofa and your bed

Do you need to take a break and grab some ZZZs but your home is too far away? These locations are accessible and rest-friendly.

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Nap bar: top 5 around the world

Cafes aren't just places that sell caffeine. For your next energy boost, order sleep off the menu.

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Road trip checklist for amazing car journeys

Lonely roads, your favorite playlist rumbling above the engine noise and a map you don't pay too much attention to. What else do you need?

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Meditation for sleep: fight the insomnia

Stress? Anxiety? Long shifts? If modern life gives you trouble sleeping, try the most natural, easiest to apply and beneficial remedy of all.

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