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The unique gifts guide

OSTRICHPILLOW is better when shared. Thankfully, there is a different one for each of your loved beings. Because the best gift we can give you is the gift of choice.


Those who are always on the move, living in the cabin of an airplane, in a train wagon or in the seat of a bus, deserve genuine moments of rest more than anybody else.

This luxury travel pillow is for them, as their memory foam core and unique 360º design offer a perfectly customized fit. Always ready to go thanks to its travel bag, which reduces its volume up to 60%. They’ll feel at home away from home.



The hard-worker, the one with the frantic agenda, the one who's always busy… At some point, all of them want to take a nap and isolate from the world.

With this immersive pillow they will be able to create their own comfort capsule transforming anywhere they are into their own dreamy place. Who wouldn´t love to have one?



Those who don't know what routine means live exciting lives, but they must also always be prepared for the unexpected.

This versatile pillow that also works as an eye mask is their best travel companion, as it can be worn around the neck in a practical way so that it can be carried at all times.



At home, at the cafe, at work or commuting: you surely know someone who sits around all day and that needs extra support for those times when the body craves a break.

Ultraportable and soft, this handy pillow fits into the hands, forearm or elbow, improving one’s favorite resting position.



Reconnecting with the inner self is something that many people are looking for, but it is not easy to achieve. This reminds you of someone, doesn't it?

Whether it's at work, at home or on the go, this eye mask pillow helps them to create a total blackout experience that facilitates the exploration of the world within, and its ergonomic shape is compatible with headphones for a deeper state of relaxation.



There is always this friend with a strong personality who wants to keep his or her own style at all times. For this kind of people, this standalone hood offers a comfort boost that combines with any outfit.

Its double layered fabric creates a cozy environment to disconnect or concentrate no matter what they are wearing.


Can't you think of anyone who could use an OSTRICHPILLOW?
Let the media inspire you. That's what they say about us:

"Travel must-have for globe-trotters”

“The best gift for those who need more sleep”

“For travelers, as necessary as a reliable suitcase”

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